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Lamborghini Countach – 9 Lesser Known Facts About The Legend

Talking about a car in 2018 that was born in 1974 might sound old-fashioned to many, but for Lamborghini lovers, Countach is never old-fashioned. The legacy of Lamborghini grows with time – It's like a fine wine. No wonder we regularly get many requests for Countach parts from the car owners till this date. Requests for Lamborghini service parts of other cars are there as well, but requests for Countach parts are not behind either. Bullstuff got you covered by being the leading Lamborghini service parts supplier including the Countach parts.

Let's check out the lesser-known facts about Lamborghini Countach

 1. Lamborghini's Designer
Marcello Gandini designed the Countach, Lamborghini Diablo, Miura, BMW 5 series, Ferrari Dino 308, the Alpha Romeo Montreal, Renault 5 Turbo, De Tomaso Pantera, and The Lancia Stratos. The list is long, we have mentioned just a few. A legendary designer designed a legendary car - the Lamborghini Countach.

2. Scissor Doors
The first car ever that went to the production line with vertically-opening scissor doors was the Lamborghini Countach. Marcello Gandini also proposed the same idea in Alfa Romeo Carabo concept, but that car didn't go to the production before the Countach. It was the Countach that gave the Lamborghini the term “Lambo Doors” and rest is history.

 3. The Face Lift
For the Countach's 25th anniversary, the mighty Horacio Pagani gave the car a facelift with over 500 changes. At the age of 20, Pagani built his first F3 racer.

 4. The Bumper Story
To legally import the Countach to the U.S., a federalized bumper had to be fitted to meet the safety set by the U.S. Government.

5. Full Marks on Functionality
 Not just the scissor doors, but the Countach's other parts are also functional and the car deserves full marks on that. The fender flares give you space for some wider tires. The side ducts keep the engine cool. The car wrings are optional, but they are there to keep the car stable at the high speed.

6. The Last Lambo Countach
When the first Diablo was being built, the last Lambo Countach was being born right then. The date was the 4th of July. However, the car never brought to America and kept at Lamborghini's corporate museum.

7. Countach's Name
Not many of you know, but in Piedmontese dialect, Countach is a swear word. The head of Bertone Design House exclaimed 'Countach' when he saw Lambo's new design for the first time.

8. Build to Race
Aluminum body over a tubular frame – not a regular combination you find in a non-racing car. In other words, The Lamborghini Countach is a race car for streets.

9. Another Pagani Gem
Horacio Pagani built The “Countach Evoluzione”. And, it was totally built out of carbon fiber. But, Lamborghini didn't see any future in this tech so they didn't go well with this plan. Within a few years, Pagani left the company to start his own car company.

Only a true legend has such historical events in its timeline. The Lamborghini Countach has taken a historical route all its life.

Bullstuff feels proud of being associated with the brand. With over 30,000 products, Bullstuff has served the Lambo lovers for the last 15 years. From miniatures to OEM Lamborghini service parts including the Countach parts, our inventory is full of stuff that Lamborghini lovers love.


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