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From Headlights To Exhaust Systems, This Is How You Identify A Lamborghini

You have seen several models of Lamborghinis many times, but still get confused with their names. Most people can recognize a Gallardo because it has been used in many song videos – especially the one in Akon's Smack That. Everyone remembers that song and the white Lamborghini in the video. But, when it comes to Aventador, Huracan, Murcielago, people still get confused. Today, we will shed some light on the key elements of each car that make them different from the other. From Lamborghini headlights to Lamborghini exhaust systems, we will talk about all the points.

Lamborghini Headlights
Starting with Murcielago's Headlights – Murcielago headlights are boxy, from the front they look like a big box that has a long top line and short bottom line. Gallardo headlights look quite similar to Murcielago. Both are boxy and move up toward the windscreen.

Huracan's headlights are flowier. They move to sideways with the car body.  Aventador's headlights are a mixture box and flow. They look boxy from the front and has ends towards the sides along with the body lines.

 The Lamborghini Badge on the Front
The front badge position on Aventador and Huracan are on the bumper. However, the front badge on Gallardo and Murcielago is on the bonnet.

Lamborghini Exhaust Systems
Lamborghinis move so fast making you see the exhaust most of the time. So, you got to know the different Lamborghini Exhaust Systems in different models.

The Aventador exhausts and Murcielago exhausts are in the middle of the body. Gallardo exhausts and Huracan exhausts are on the sides. And, only Aventador's exhaust is noncircular, rest all have a circular exhaust system. And, we are talking about the standard Lamborghini Exhaust Systems. If the owner has installed a customized exhaust, then it could be of any shape.

Gallardo exhaust is in a straight line, Huracan's exhaust is a bit tapered down from the ends.

Lamborghini Tail Lamps
Remember the 'Y' shape. Imagine the 'Y' shape horizontally, that's the shape of Huracan's tail lamps. Aventador and Gallardo have three horizontal Ys one after the other – the only difference in Gallardo and Aventador's tail lamps is that Aventador's indicators are toward the center and Gallardo's indicators are on the top.

Murcielago's tail lamps are boxy. No 'Y' shape there. It's the only unique one here.

Combine the Lamborghini Exhaust Systems with the tail lamps to know which Lamborghini just passed by.

If you missed the front, you can definitely decide which Lamborghini it is by looking at the rear end details.

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